di Mitja Princic

di Mitja Princic

"Once upon a time there was the bottom of the sea"

in the sea

The marine environment is an ideal microclimate for the refinement of wines. In depth there is a very low penetration of light and harmful UV rays, among the worst enemies of wine.

The temperature is constant. The surface waters float on the deep ones, which guarantee a temperature that undergoes little seasonal variations: a natural conditioning system.


made of passion for the quality of the excellence of the territory, and the sensitivity for the ecosystem, inevitably linked and complementary, take shape and bring out “Mp19”, the wine that loves the sea, “the wine to love”.


Mp19 loves the sea: through innovative techniques that give shape and character, giving a unique aroma and body. The underwater refinement makes our wines special, collectible wines, unique pieces.

Respect is my attitude

Mitja Princic


The Princic family already produced wine in the 1700’s in Cosana (Kozana, today Slovenia) but the historical events of our area led my ancestors to move to Giasbana in the early 1900s, in the municipality of San Floriano del Collio.

Handed down from father to son, generation after generation, the company currently has an area of ​​over 20 hectares…


Il vino che ama il mare
il vino da amare.

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